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BSA Alumni Association

No matter what rank or position you had in Scouting we have something for you.

First ever Gathering of Alumni, Pilmont for more information click below: Come and gather at the Campfrie

Once a Scout, always a Scout.

Want more information on the BSA Alumni Association and how to join please go to:

Jamboree Patches - buy one or all of the past and present Jamboree patches.

Did you go to the 1964 Jamboree and want a patch issued by us to commemorate the event- we have one. Looking for other years, we have them all.  Want one of each Jamboree we also have that.

Affiliates - We are adding various other Alumni groups to our store and offering their products. Wood Badge was the first, we now have the Sea Scout Association, check back often for new product items for these organizations and soon for other groups and the overall Alumni group.

We now have more and  more Wood Badge items as this develops we will become the center for Wood Badge items so check us out.

Shipping costs / Oversseas Shipping - in January 2019 the Post Office substantially raised some rates. We are sorry if some of the rates appear high. But sometimes the system adds the rates wrong for example 10 coins would be higher than it should be. When this happens I will adjust and issue a refund. Overseas- if your package is going to an APO, FPO the shipping is the same as USA, if to another country please check with us on shipping costs our system does not reflect overseas shipping.

We are the official store of the BSA Alumin Association of the Boy Scouts of America.

Joe Weingarten, Eagle Class of 62, DESA 93, (shop keeper)

National Committee - BSA Alumin Association

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