Council Alumnus of the Year Knot Device, replacement

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The Council Alumnus of the Year Award is different than other awards in Scouting as it does not simply recognize the individual for being a distinguished person or honor those giving time and energy to the BSA as a volunteer leader; Scouting already has awards that do that. This knot devide is designed to use on the Alumni knot. The knot is not included.

It is more of a combination between the two.

Primary consideration is given to those that remind Scouting alumni to maintain a lifetime relationship with Scouting, which enables Scouting to remain healthy for future generations. In addition, potential recipients of the award may be nominated based on the three following categories:

  • Career and/or avocation, such as achieving high honor or distinction in their chosen profession.
  • Community service, including contributions to Scouting or other community efforts or organizations.
  • Scouting promotion, contributing significantly to the promotion and/or advancement of the BSA alumni program and activities at a council level over a sustained period of time through word and/or deed.


RESTRICTED - This Knot Device can only be ordered by Councils for Presentation or reciptents. Knot not included. This is an extra device if you have more than one uniform.